Trike Driver Struggles to Earn Money to Buy Aqua Flask Tumbler for Child

Trike Driver Struggles to Earn Money to Buy Aqua Flask Tumbler for Child

by Jay Nelz

August 18, 2022


Male Passenger Airs Sympathy to Trike Driver Struggling to Earn Money to Child Demanding for Aqua Flask Tumbler

A male passenger has expressed his sympathy to a trike driver struggling to earn money for his child demanding an Aqua Flask tumbler.

A Facebook user named Ralph Benjie has shared his encounter with a tricycle driver who struggles to earn money just to fulfill the demand of his child. The post garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Benjie rode a tricycle while carrying his tumbler. He was used to drink water frequently, which prompted him to carry his water container. After a few moments, the trike driver asked for the tumbler’s price.

Ralph politely revealed the tumbler’s price, which is about P800-P1, 000 because it was on sale. The driver was shocked and did not expect that it was too expensive. His child does not want other brands except for Aqua Flask.

The male passenger reminded the younger generation not to demand expensive items, which add to the burden on their parents. He also made a calculation and estimated that it would take 53-54 passengers with P15 fare each to earn such an amount.

Here is the full post:

“Just this lunch, I rode a tricycle towards home. Mejo particular kasi ako sa tubig lately, kaya mejo kalkyulado ko intake ko. Kaya dala-dala ko tumbler ko. So the driver was asking sa akin, “Tagpila pud ng ana nga tumbler, dong?” So I replied, “mga 800 to 1k yata ni, naka sale man gud”. Then he said, “Mahal man diay kaayu uy, nagpapalit man gud akong anak na junior high, dili daw sya ganahan sa uban. Kanang ana lang”

Idk how to react but I think this should be a reminder to the younger generation that there is a right time for everything. If it is not feasible with the current financial status, then it shouldn’t be forced. Imagine, 15 pesos pamasahe sa tricycle (800/15php), then it would take 53 to 54 na tao para maka abot ng 800? This isn’t practical.

Not everything should be provided. As old school as it seems, ”lahat dapat pinaghihirapan”.

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