DOH eyeing COVID-19 ‘population protection’ in NCR Plus 8 by year-end

The NCR Plus 8 covers Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro Davao, Bulacan, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, and Rizal.

“[P]opulation protection also speaks of us here in the country being able to vaccinate those most vulnerable because once you vaccinate those most vulnerable—the healthcare workers, the senior citizens, and also those with co-morbidities—you get to see the reduction in hospitalization and deaths,” Vergeire said.

Data as of June 6, 2021, showed that 5.95 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the country, with 4.4 million of them as first doses.

Meanwhile, a total of 1.54 million Filipinos are fully vaccinated.

According to DOH, over 1.39 million doses were provided as the first dose to medical front-liners, 1.53 million to senior citizens, 1.47 million to persons with comorbidities, and 12,259 to essential workers.

A total of 827,089 medical front-liners, 369,387 senior citizens, 343,297 persons with comorbidities, and 4,559 essential workers are fully vaccinated.