Anne Curtis Becomes Emotional Because Of This Story

Anne Curtis Becomes Emotional Because Of This Story

April 18, 2024 by Jeel Monde in Categories It’s Showtime

Vice Ganda shared this story that made Anne Curtis emotional.

Kapamilya actress-host Anne Curtis was touched and shed some tears when Vice Ganda shared this story in It’s Showtime.

Every one of us has our own story to tell and most of these stories will somehow stay in someone’s mind and life due to the lessons they instilled in them. And this story from Vice Ganda that he shared on It’s Showtime has touched the heart of Anne Curtis.

During the segment “Karaokids”, the Kapamilya comedian’s part in sharing the blessings with random people is shown. He was able to bless one family who radiated a good vibe to him.

In the show, he expressed his appreciation for the kid who was always kind and considerate towards him when he visited their home to meet his family. He met the kid’s mother and his siblings and he decided to do it after realizing that the money won by the kid won’t be enough.

He is sure that the money amounting Php 5,000.00 will mostly go to the mother and that’s when he decided to meet the family and gave additional help to all of them. He also gave the kid an extra amount for his basketball shoes and this part of the story is what touched the heart of Curtis.

“Imaginin mo yung pakiramdam kapag nanay ka, hinihingan ka ng pambili ng kung anuman ng anak mo rubber shoes, T-shirt kasi yung anak mo excited sa sasalihan niya pero wala kang maibigay, malungkot yun para sa mga nanay,” the comedian shared.

He added that during this time when a mother is not able to give what her child needs, they often get “angry” to cover up the bad feeling they feel. As a mother herself, Anne felt this and she got emotional. When asked why, she answered based on the video, “Di napuwing lang ako.”

She then agreed with what Vice said about women like her who are mothers but have different situations that are way far different from hers.

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