Billy’s back!



Billy’s back!

World-class performer and reality game show host Billy Crawford is back on GMA. 

He is to host the thrilling game show “The Wall Philippines,” which starts airing this August.

A co-production between GMA-7 and Viva Entertainment, Inc., “The Wall Philippines” is a pachinko game with a twist. It offers players the opportunity to win a life-changing prize worth millions of pesos. Part knowledge and part luck, the program delivers a roller coaster of emotions as the contestants may be ahead with a huge amount of banked money in one instance and may lose it all in the next.

The game’s main goal is to bank as much money as possible by answering trivia questions and landing the balls on high-value bins. The mechanics are simple – get a correct answer to get a green ball, miss a question and get a red ball. Green adds, red subtracts. 

The Wall Philippines is an exciting game show format created by LeBron James, Maverick Carter, and Andrew Glassman and is distributed by Banijay Rights Limited.