Mayor Isko Vows To Lower Oil, Electricity Taxes by 50% If He Wins President

Mayor Isko Vows To Lower Oil, Electricity Taxes by 50% If He Wins President


Sandy Ghaz


October 22, 2021


Election 2022

Mayor Isko Moreno Unveils Some Plans If He Wins President in 2022 Election

MAYOR ISKO MORENO – The Manila Mayor vowed that he will lower the oil and electricity taxes by 50% if he wins president in the Election 2022.

The Commission on Elections (


) said that there are 97 aspirants for president in the Election 2022. The poll body admitted that it is quite high in number. Meanwhile, it is screening the candidacies to make sure there are no nuisance candidates or those who really have no intention to run for president.

Some of the presidential aspirants are incumbent government officials in the Philippines. One of them is Manila Mayor Isko Moreno who is the standard-bearer of Aksyon Demokratiko.

The capital city’s Mayor is running with

Doc Willie Ong

as his running-mate. When he announced his presidential bid, he criticized the performance of the government in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. He also vowed that he will be a “healing president” should he win the election.

Photo: Manila Bulletin

According to Mayor Isko, many of the projects that he is planning have already been tested or done in Manila. He also stressed focus on the country’s battle against the pandemic.

Recently, Mayor

Isko Moreno

spoke some of his promises if he wins president in 2022. Based on a report on


, the capital city’s mayor vowed to lower the taxes in oil and electricity by 50%.

Speaking to the farmers in the north of Manila, he expressed that he is saying it so the people can demand from him in case he wins president in the future. According to him, he would prefer lowering the taxes rather than implementing it high and the corrupt officials would just steal it.

The Mayor further stressed that he wants that the people are handling their own money. According to him, if the people already have the funds to spare, the money will just circulate and eventually return to the government.

Reducing taxes have reportedly been implemented in Manila. The Mayor expressed that 7% of their businesses closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic but because of the tax measures, businesses grew by 12%.

“Nangyari sa Maynila, palalawakin na lang sa buong bansa: pagpaparaya ng pamahalaan,”

he said.

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