Cobra Kills 2-Year-Old In Davao de Oro Due To Bite On Finger

Cobra Kills 2-Year-Old In Davao de Oro Due To Bite On Finger




October 16, 2021



Cobra Kills 2-Year-Old In Davao de Oro After Biting Child On Finger


– A family from Davao de Oro was left in tears after a cobra killed their 2-year-old child.

Living in rural areas of the Philippines is quaint and peaceful in some ways. However, it does pose some threats, especially when it comes to dangerous wild animals.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, a woman named Marlyn Panon returned home from work with a huge surprise. Her oldest son came to her saying that they had killed a cobra.

But, what they didn’t know was that their child, Rianna was already bitten by the snake. However, when Marlyn saw her baby, she thought she was just sleeping in her grandmother’s arms.

Then, she saw that Rianna’s finger was already darkening. Afterward, Marlyn’s motherly instincts kicked in. Based on the article, she said:

“Biglang pumasok sa isip ko na baka nakagat siya ng ahas kaya dinala namin siya sa ospital

“. (I thought to my self that she may have been bitten so we rushed her to the hospital).

Unfortunately, they were too late and they confirmed that Rianna was bitten by the snake on her finger. Much like any other who would lose their child, Marlyn was left shattered.

She said Rianna was their only girl. Along with this, she was saddened as their father couldn’t make it to the funeral because he was in prison. Additionally, she said she doesn’t even let her kids out due to the pandemic. Now, she laments how her child still died while inside their own home.

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Cobra Kills 2-Year-Old In Davao


cobra kills baby in davao


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