How Gretchen Fullido protects her hair when going to the beach

Newscaster Gretchen Fullido is extra careful when it comes to protecting her hair, especially when she goes to the beach for fun and recreation.

Fullido spoke about the hair care routine she practices before plunging into the salty sea waters, as seen on her Instagram post today, March 28, where she showed a video of her step-by-step procedure.

“When I go to the beach especially if I swim, or if I’m going under the sun for a long time, I put treatment in my hair so that it doesn’t dry up and at the same time it’s like having a hair spa,” she said in the video.

She informed her fans that the “combination of sun and salt water or chlorine do not just dry out your hair, it also causes real damage to it.”

“So, for sun and water enthusiasts like me, better take extra care of your hair, especially if it’s colored like mine,” she added.

Before making the plunge, Fullido protects her hair by wetting it and giving it a generous dab of leave-on conditioner, special treatments or hair sunscreen spray. That is to maintain the moisture of her hair. She does it by putting more on the middle and ends of her hair.

“Then I comb it and put it up in a bun, then I leave it there all day. Once you get out of the water you will really see and feel the difference in your hair,” Fullido said.

“Even if you don’t wash your hair right after your swim, just rinse your hair with fresh water. Make sure the chlorine and salt doesn’t dry in your hair and get rid of it as soon as possible to remove all the chemicals that remain in your hair,” she explained.

And when it is time to shower, Fullido’s advice is to pamper your hair with lots of shampoo and conditioner

Aside from enjoying the sea, Fullido is also known as a plantita and a fur mom who loves dogs. JB


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