Director Louie Ignacio begins passion project ‘Abe-Nida’

Award-winning TV and film director Louie Ignacio is moving ahead with his passion project titled “Abe-Nida” for BG Productions International which is going back to film production after being inactive since the pandemic last year.

Award-winning TV and film director Louie Ignacio PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/CINEMABRAVO

This is an eight-year-old movie because as Direk Louie said he was willing to wait for Allen Dizon to play the lead role. “I waited for Allen because I really have him in mind when I was writing the story,” said the famed TV director of Centerstage. “But he has so many projects before so this can’t squeezed into his busy schedule.”

He said the timing is just right for “Abe-Nida.” The story is about a sculptor who loves his wife so much even though she cheated on him. The artist is also bipolar which explains his strange behavior sometimes.

Playing Allen’s wife is Katrina Halili who is doing her first major film role in “Abe-Nida” in a dual character.

“Allen’s role requires him to do layers of nuances as an actor,” said Direk Louie who added that there is a real person that inspired him to write the story.

“I know the artist. I know where he goes and I buy his works. When I met him and learned of his story, I know it would make an interesting material for a movie. He is an artist but he has a mental condition as well, so how does he cope with that and yet comes up with brilliant pieces of art? It’s only his medicines that calms him when he has an attack.”

He wants Allen for the role of Abe because he wants to challenge him. “I know he is a multi-awarded actor but I want him to do a role that he hasn’t done yet. He is perfect for the role because his brown-skinned, which matches the color of wood.”

Also playing important parts in the movie are Laurice Guillen who plays Allen’s aunt and Joel Lamangan who plays a priest. If you recall, Joel won the Gawad Urian best supporting actor award for Direk Louie’s “School Service” film.

“I am excited but nervous to work with the two esteemed directors. I am so honored that they accepted the project,” said Direk Louie.

The script of “Abe-Nida” is written by Ralston Jover who did an immersion in Paete, Laguna to enable him to see the person who inspired the role of Abe. “I am happy with the script written by Ralston. He was able to capture the vision that I have for the film.”

Direk Louie is also excited to be working with Katrina, one of the avengers of the pioneering “Starstruck Artista Search” of GMA 7.

“I’ve always believed in Katrina as an actress. I know she can deliver. She is just waiting for the right project that will show her mettle as an actress.”

Also in the movie are Maureen Mauricio, Leandro Baldemor (who is a sculptor in real life), and Ina Alegre.

Will Direk Louie be able to win awards for Allen and Katrina through “Abe-Nida?” Well, he is keeping his fingers crossed but hoping for the best.


Now streaming in is “Daddy Love,” the first BL movie of aspiring actor Rex Lantano. This is his first lead role and his first BL film as well. It was also the first time he did a kissing scene onscreen, and first with a male actor.

In a chat, we remember Rex told Roving Eye that role in Daddy Love was offered to him in a jiffy. He rued he was not able to prepare physically for the role. “I have scenes half-naked from waist up since I play a masseur. Nakakahiya if I have a love handles.”

Daddy Love tackles not only May-December gay romance but HIV awareness as well which people might be forgetting since everyone is concerned with the Covid-19 virus which had been battling since last year.

Rex was challenged by the role he played in Daddy Love and he credits his director Monti Parungao who helped him out in times he felt he was not doing a good job, acting-wise.
While waiting for a new acting assignment, Rex is helping his family run their newly-opened family business, the Lola Mame Restaurant in Taguig.