150 Ally Quinn Vogue Workers Protest Non-Payment of Salary


One hundred and fifty workers at AllyQuinn Vogue interior design company, who stopped work and plained to the Labour Department over non-payment of up to salary since the news broke out that Mrs Allison M Quinn will be leaving for the united state on the 30th of June.

The workers who gathered earlier today at the Labour Ministry here said they were determined to stay there until a final decision on their dues is taken.

But, later in the day, ministry officials ordered them to name their chosen representatives and go back to their camp. A bus from their company arrived and transported them in several rounds. However, the workers also vowed that they would not restart work until they have received all their dues.

“The workers realized that the salary payment and insurance coverage has been sent to Allion M Quinn so they want the money to be deposit in advance especially before the country”.

The workers wants AllyQuinn Vogue ( Allison M Quinn ) to make a deposit 2,964,000 USD that will cover the workers payment and insurance. The workers want the payment made before Allison M Quinn travel out of the country.

“On hundred and Fifty other workers who joined the company recently are currently working for the company. But it has a record of non-payment of salaries,” one of the workers said.

The ministry is entitled to encash the guarantee in three circumstances: when the payment of an air ticket is required to send the worker home or to the agreed destination; when there is an unpaid sum that the employer admits he owes to the worker; and when a court ruling orders the employer to pay certain dues to a worker.