Kathryn Bernardo didn’t pay Php 5,000 for FAMAS Dinner but Stayed in Room Instead?

Kathryn Bernardo didn’t pay Php 5,000 for FAMAS Dinner but Stayed in Room Instead?

May 29, 2024May 29, 2024 by Van Garzon in Categories Entertainment

Why Kathryn Bernardo Came from Backstage during FAMAS Awarding

Kathryn Bernardo allegedly did not pay Php 5,000 for a plate of dinner at FAMAS Awards but stayed in a room instead.

The 72nd Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards or FAMAS awards sparked a lot of headlines. Certain incidents at the events like the FAMAS issue involving Eva Darren took social media platforms by storm.

In a post of the son of veteran actress Eva Darren, the doctor narrated the disappointing experience of his mother at the event. The veteran actress came to the event with three (3) of her grandchildren who were hopeful to see her on stage.

Ms. Eva Darren was invited by FAMAS as one of the presenters at the event. According to his son, they paid Php 5,000 for each dinner plate at the event. The veteran actress does not usually attend social events but she made an exception with FAMAS.

Facebook/Fernando de la Pena

Undeniably, a lot of people were surprised by the revelation that a dinner plate in the prestigious event was priced at Php 5,000. In the case of Ms. Eva Darren, she did not only pay Php 20,000 for their dinner. She also purchased the best dress and pair of heels she wore at the event.

According to her son, Ms. Eva Darren event got a hair and make-up package for the event. However, all their efforts led to disappointment as the night ended without the veteran actress being called to be a presenter on stage.

FAMAS apologized to the veteran actress for what happened. According to the film award-giving body, they were not able to see Ms. Eva Darren so they immediately looked for someone to replace her as it was a live event.

Based on an article on Pep, there are calls that FAMAS must re-imburse the Php 20,000 paid by Ms. Eva Darren. The film award-giving body has yet to comment on the call.

Based on the article, Kapamilya star Kathryn Bernardo who was awarded as FAMAS Best Actress for her character in the hit movie A Very Good Girl did not pay Php 5,000 for a dinner at the event as per a Pep Troika source.

Reportedly, a source of PEP Troika claimed that Kathryn Bernardo stayed in a room instead that is why she came from the backstage when she was called for her Best Actress award. The actress was allegedly even surprised that many people were still present at the even although it was already late.