Danica Sotto “Napikon” To Cheating Accusation Against Marc Pingris

Danica Sotto “Napikon” To Cheating Accusation Against Marc Pingris

May 28, 2024 by Jhen G. Lim in Categories Celebrity

Danica Sotto shared her thoughts on the issue faced by her husband

Celebrity Danica Sotto admitted that she felt “napikon” because of the cheating accusation against her husband basketball player.

Last March, rumors surfaced linking Marc to actress Kim Rodriguez because netizens speculated that they were together in Australia because of the similar photos they shared on social media.

Marc released a statement debunking the rumors. He stressed that there was nothing going on between him and Kim and that they only met twice. Previously, Danica’s friend shared the celebrity’s reaction to this infidelity issue.

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In a recent interview on the Updated with Nelson Canlas podcast, based on the article in GMA Entertainment, Danica Sotto said that people misinterpreted what happened.

She shared that at the height of the issue, she shared a post about betrayal and loyalty on her Instagram Story and people tried to connect this to Marc, speculating that it was for him. However, Danica stressed that it was about a person who they trusted in their business but they were betrayed.

She said that her post was picked up by news outlets and they connected it to the issue that Marc was facing at that time. Danica did not react to this because she and Marc already talked about this.

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She also shared that she told her husband to just be careful of what he shares online because people would try to connect things and make an issue out of it. “Feeling ko the whole thing was na-misinterpret, nabigyan ng malisya, binigyan ng kulay,” Danica shared.

She admitted that this issue somehow irritated her. “Siyempre, napikon ako, ‘ pag anak mo na yung tinitira. May sasabihin na na masama na very very foul na parang… I think yung foul doon is parang may mga sinabi na it’s the karma of my parents,” Danica Sotto shared.