Chelsea Manalo’s Miss Universe PH win celebrated by beauty queens, fans

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Chelsea Manalo. Image: Facebook/Miss Universe Philippines

An outpouring of congratulatory greetings welcomed Chelsea Manalo in the first few hours of her reign as the Miss Universe Philippines 2024.

Fellow beauty queens MJ Lastimosa, Janine Tugonon, Rabiya Mateo and Samantha Bernardo were among the first to send their welcoming remarks to Manalo, through their respective Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) pages.

“That was her winning glow tonight! Congratulations our new Mis Universe Philippines 2024, Bulacan,” Lastimosa said. “Iba talaga na ‘yung aura ni Bulacan pag-apak ng top 10! Well-deserved queen!”


Image: Instagram/@mj_lastimosa

Image: Instagram/@mj_lastimosa

“Congratulations to our new Miss Universe Philippines 2024! Such a pretty face and yes, she did perform [especially] in that evening gown performance,” Tugonon underscored.

Image: Instagram/@tugononjanine

“Welcome to the sisterhood, dearest Chelsea Manalo,” Mateo addressed the Bulakeña titleholder.

Image: Instagram/@rabiyamateo

Bernardo, for her part, shared Manalo’s crowning moment alongside the quote: “Remember, it’s not about the crown. It’s about the woman who holds the crown and gives meaning to it.”

Image: Instagram/@samanthabernardo_

Filipino-Canadian video creator Mikey Bustos also celebrated Manalo’s feat, regarding this year’s roster of winners as a “great lineup.”

“Congratulations to the new Miss Universe PH 2024!” he said. “In a nation where colorism is rampant and being light skinned is the centuries-old beauty standard, Miss Bulacan winning is a triumph! She was my pick from the start!”


While some pageant fans may have mixed reactions on the results, there were those who loudly voiced their support to the Miss Universe Philippine 2024 titleholder whom they declared to have emerged as the dark horse.

This is probably the most unexpected result in Philippine pageant history! Bulacan served and she ate the veterans alive!” X user @aliii_writes said. “What a breath of fresh air. A new face fit to represent an image of a Filipina. Congratulations, ladies! You gave us a show!”

“Our New Miss Universe Philippines—Chelsea Manalo, Miss Bulacan,” one @AltheyuhMoves tweeted. “Her beauty is radiant and I think she has a chance in the international stage. She looks like a young Angela Bassett and I think she is overall, a great choice.”

“A well-deserved win. Her winning reaction is so genuine,” X user @_buenosaries commended Manalo. 

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“Chelsea Manalo, one of the best surprise wins!” one @beeyonceknight exclaimed.

Manalo, who also competed at the 2017 Miss World Philippines pageant and finished as part of the Top 15, bested 52 other aspirants at the Miss Universe Philippines coronation night held on May 22.

Joining her in the final round of competition were Stacey Gabriel of Cainta (1st runner-up), Ma. Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon Province (2nd runner-up), Tarah Valencia of Baguio (3rd runner-up), and Christi Lynn McGarry of Taguig (4th runner-up).

Ahtisa was also crowned Miss Cosmo Philippines, while Valencia inherited the Miss Supranational Philippines crown.

The additional titles that were also announced after the event were Miss Charm Philippines, which was crowned on Cyrille Payumo of Pampanga, and Miss Eco International Philippines, which was crowned on Alexie Mae Brooks from Iloilo City.

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