Vice Ganda Creates “Bwak, Bwak, Bwak” Song

In the recent It’s Showtime episode, Vice Ganda reveals he created a new song.

VICE GANDA – The Kapamilya superstar comedian was able to create the “Bwak, Bwak, Bwak” song out of boredom.

Apart from being a blockbuster actor, a successful stand-up comedian, and one of the most-awarded hosts of the industry, Vice Ganda is also a recording artist. The Kapamilya comedian was able to fame songs such as Boom Panes, Kara Karaka, Wag Kang Pabebe, Push Mo Yan Te, Mahal Ako Ng Mahal Ko, Whoops Kirri, Higad Girl, and many more.

It looks like he will be releasing a new song anytime soon as out of boredom, he was able to create one.

During his recent vacation, he created the song “Bwak, Bwak, Bwak” inspired by someone who knows him. Addressing the person this song was made for, he said, “Hindi siya pwede sa live kasi explicit. Ang title nito ay ‘Bwak, Bwak, Bwak’ Abangan nyo po. Nakakatawa yung kanta. Bwak bwak bwak! Humanda ka! May kanta ako. Bwak, bwak bwak! Manggigigil ka!”

To recall, “Bwak, Bwak, Bwak” is the mocking and funny reaction of Vice to Cristy Fermin’s controversial claims and stories about him. This is also the same statement or expression he would make to rumors and fake stories written about him.

To recall, in a previous article, this was Vice’s reaction to a tabloid’s headline about him.

Watch the clip below:

Here are some of the comments from the post:

Hahaha kuhang kuha ni vice bwisit ni fermin
Deserve naman nung tatlong naaagnas na yan na galitin at papilipitin ang mga tumbong wahahahahahaha
Hayy nako si Cristy Fermin eto… abangan natin yan! Hahahaha
Haha exciting hahaha bwak bwak bwak
Nako ipa copyright na yan, baka kantahin nung bungi pwede mo na sya singilin ng royalties

To recall, Fermin previously claimed that Vice was “tapang-tapangan”. This was amid the suspension issue of It’s Showtime and the showbiz reporter even insisted that despite all the happening, no humility was seen from the comedian’s part. She believed that showing people he’s brave was his thing. He doesn’t want other people to see his weak points.

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