Sharon Cuneta Speaks About Her Massive Home In The South

Here’s what Sharon Cuneta said about her “Mega Mansion”.

Veteran singer-actress Megastar Sharon Cuneta opens up about her “Mega Mansion” which is “half-way” through completion now.

Several years have passed already and the “Mega Mansion” of Megastar Sharon Cuneta is still half-way through the completion. To recall, Cuneta made public the construction of her house in 2020 and on her social media page, she shared some details about the massive home which will also house a home for her dogs.

Sharon’s Mega Mansion is in Silang, Cavite and it will have spaces for her books, clothes, vlog studio, small recording studio, dressing room, and other items she own – her own “she-cave”.

The overall floor area initially measured 3,500 square meters but was reduced to 2,300 square meters. In 2022, it was put on pause as she was thinking of other ways to using her money. There were moment she just wanted to enjoy. It was a pause but also the same phase when she was contemplating about continuing it or not.

Over a year after she expressed this, she shared in a recent interview that her house construction apparently continued despite having second thoughts before. It is now half-way through the completion.

According to her, she wants a big bedroom where her children and grandchildren could fit in together during a sleepover.

“I want all my children and grandchildren to fit. They can sleep with us when they can. They still do,” she said. She would even want her kids and their family to live with her in the dream house.

“I don’t think KC will use her room so I can use it for something else. And I’m praying that when Miel and Frankie get married, the spouses will agree to live there. Otherwise, Miguel has to bring his wife there and play bowling inside. Mag-skating sila dun!” she added.

They are accordingly not in a hurry when it comes to their home. They are taking it slow and her kids even requested her to keep the details about it private.

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