Janella Salvador Shares Stand About Son Joining Showbiz

Here’s what Janella Salvador said about this matter.

Will she allow Jude to pursue a career in show business? Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador reveals her personal stand.

Newly-renewed Kapamilya star Janella Salvador started young in the show business industry, will she allow her son Jude should he follow in her steps?

In an interview, the actress was asked about this possibility. As it is not impossible for this to happen knowing that he will be growing up with a celebrity mom. He will exposed to several things about showbiz and there might be something that will flicker an interest in him in this field and who knows how bright this flicker can get.

During the interview with MJ Felipe on “On Cue”, she will accordingly fully support her son should he show interest in the industry. She shared that her three-year-old is a “ball of energy” and is “super friendly” even to strangers.

To recall, Jude is Janella and Markus Paterson’s baby. She gave birth to Jude on October 20, 2020.

He is the opposite of her who is shy when she was a kid. She then revealed that when she was just six years old, she auditioned for Goin’ Bulilit but failed to get in because she was really a shy one at that age.

She added about her son, “si Jude is super friendly. I see that he’s not afraid to express himself, talk to strangers. So if he’s interested, then why not?”

With her life now as a mom and an actress at the same time, she shared that it is tough most especially when she has to leave him behind to work. As for the co-parenting situation with Paterson, they are “doing great”.

They are okay and he exerts an effort to see Jude and whenever he’s in the Philippines, he makes sure to spend time with his son and borrow Jude from her during the weekend. Currently, he’s in the UK to find a temporary work.

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