Cristy Fermin Challenges Karla Estrada To Face Her Source

Cristy Fermin Challenges Karla Estrada To Face Her Source

November 30, 2023 by Jhen G. Lim in Categories Celebrity

Cristy Fermin answered Karla Estrada’s denial

Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin challenged Queen Mother Karla Estrada to face her source who said that she confirmed the KathNiel breakup.

Cristy has been attacked by KathNiel fans, the supporters of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, after she mentioned on her showbiz talk show that Karla confirmed that the two of the biggest stars of their generation ended their relationship.

Karla has been showing support for Kathryn and Daniel and their relationship for many years now. Just recently, rumors surfaced that Kathryn and Daniel are no longer.

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Cristy Fermin claimed on her show that it was confirmed by Karla Estrada that Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla broke up. The veteran writer said that Karla told her friend about the supposed KathNiel breakup.

However, the Queen Mother said the truth about this and denied that she confirmed the breakup. Following that denial from Karla, Cristy dared her to face the source who revealed the alleged breakup confirmation, based on the article in Bandera.

Anak, hindi ko na problema ‘yun! Ang pinakamaganda, magharap-harap kaming tatlo ng kaibigan niya na pinagsabihan niya. ‘Yun lang!” Cristy said.

The showbiz writer also shared that there was a columnist who asked for her reaction to the denial that Karla made regarding what she allegedly said.

Ang sabi ko sa kaniya [kolumnista], hindi na ako makikipag-argumento pa. Ang pinakamaganda dyan, magharap-harapan kami ng aking source at saka siya,” she said.


With this, Cristy directly challenged Karla in order for the truth to surface regarding this issue. ”Kaya sa panahong ito, hinahamon ko si Karla Estrada para malaman na natin kung sino ang nagsasabi ng katotohanan at kung sino ang nag-iimbento lang. Tatlo tayong maghaharap-harap,” the showbiz writer said.

Cristy Fermin also stressed that there is an unwritten rule that writers observe and this is to not divulge their source or sources. However, she pointed out that if it is needed that her source should face the Queen Mother, then, this would happen just to prove who is saying the truth.

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