Priority Courses Covered by the DOST Scholarship — Full List

Guide on the Priority Courses under the DOST Scholarship Offer

Here is a full list of the priority courses covered by the scholarship offers of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

Most scholarship offers have priority courses or a specific list of programs that are under their coverage. In the case of the scholarship offers of the Department of Science and Technology for undergraduate studies, its scholarship offers cover courses that are related to Science and Mathematics.

The scholars are allowed to take a three-year course or a four-year course under the scholarship grant provided that they maintain their qualification and adhere to the rules set in the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). Here are the priority courses under the DSWD scholarship offers:

Bachelor in Mathematics Education

Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education with Specialization in Information and Communications

Bachelor of Library and Information Science

BS Aeronautical Engineering

BS Aerospace Engineering

BS Agribusiness

BS Agribusiness Management

BS Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship

BS Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

BS Agricultural Biotechnology (UP System only)

BS Agricultural Chemistry

BS Agricultural Economics

BS Agricultural Engineering

BS Agricultural Technology

BS Agriculture

BS Animal Husbandry

BS Animal Science

BS Applied Mathematics

BS Applied Mathematics major in Mathematical Finance (4yrs, ADMU only)

BS Applied Physics

BS Applied Physics with Applied Computer System

BS Applied Physics with Materials Science and Engineering (4yrs, ADMU only)

BS Applied Statistics

BS Architecture

BS Astronomy

BS Astronomy Technology

BS Basic Medical Sciences (4yrs, UPM only)

BS Biochemistry

BS Biology

BS Biology for Teachers

BS Biotechnology

BS Ceramics Engineering

BS Chemical Engineering

BS Chemistry

BS Chemistry Major in Business (DLSU-Manila only)

BS Chemistry for Teachers

BS Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems

BS Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering (4yrs, ADMU only)

BS Civil Engineering

BS Clothing Technology

BS Community Nutrition

BS Computer Engineering

BS Computer Science

BS Electrical Engineering

BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

BS Environmental Engineering

BS Electronics Engineering

BS Environmental Science

BS Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design

BS Fisheries

BS Food Science and Technology

BS Food Technology

BS Forestry

BS Geodetic Engineering

BS Geography

BS Geology

BS Geothermal Engineering

BS Health Science

BS Human Biology (3yrs, DLSU-Manila only)

BS Industrial Design

BS Industrial Engineering

BS Industrial Management Engineering-Information Technology (DLSU-Manila only)

BS Industrial Pharmacy

BS Information and Communications Technology

BS Information System

BS Information Technology

BS Information Technology Systems

BS Instrumentation and Control Engineering

BS Life Sciences

BS Management Information Systems (4yrs, ADMU only)

BS Manufacturing Engineering

BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Biomedical Engineering (DLSU-Manila only)

BS Manufacturing Engineering-Management-Mechatronics and Robotics (DLSU-Manila only)

BS Marine Biology

BS Marine Science

BS Materials Engineering

BS Mathematics

BS Mathematics and Science Teaching

BS Mathematics for Teachers

BS Mechanical Engineering

BS Mechatronics Engineering

BS Medical Laboratory Science

BS Medical Technology

BS Metallurgical Engineering

BS Meteorology

BS Microbiology

BS Mining Engineering

BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

BS Nutrition

BS Nutrition and Dietetics

BS Packaging Engineering

BS Petroleum Engineering

BS Pharmaceutical Sciences

BS Pharmacy (4-year program)

BS Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy (5-year program)

BS Physics

BS Physics for Teachers

BS Psychology

BS Public Health

BS Speech Pathology

BS Statistics

BSE Biological Sciences

BSE Biology

BSE Biology-Chemistry (4yrs, USC only)

BSE Chemistry

BSE General Sciences

BSE Mathematics

BSE Physical Sciences

BSE Physics

BSE Physics-Chemistry (4yrs, USC only)

BSE Physics-Mathematics (4yrs, USC only)

BSE Science

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

The Department of Science and Technology scholarship offers are known nationwide to be among the scholarships with the biggest benefits and cash allowances for scholars. Countless Filipinos graduated in college through the help of the government agencies’ scholarship offers which provided them enough allowance that they no longer needed to do part-time jobs while schooling.