Jeepney Driver Earns Praises Online for Giving Free Rides During his Birthday

Jeepney Driver Gives Free Rides During his Birthday

A jeepney driver earned praises from the online community for giving free rides on his birthday.

Over the past few decades, the jeepney has been one of the most popular public transport vehicles in the Philippines. Jeepney has been hailed as the national vehicle of the Philippines and it is available in different parts of the country.

A lot of Filipino people prefer to take public jeepneys for offering affordable fares to commuters. Some people love to ride jeepneys because it has been a part of Filipino culture and tradition.

There are some drivers who offer free rides to commuters in some instances such as birthday celebrations or having an achievement.

A Facebook user named Love Lavapie has shared a photo of a generous jeepney driver who gives free rides to his passengers as he celebrates his birthday. The post earns praise from internet users.

In the photo, it can be seen that the jeepney has a tarpaulin hung at the back of the driver’s seat. The signage informs the commuters that he will give free rides during his special day.

The signage has words written “Dahil Birthday ko ngayon, Libre sakay para sa lahat.” The jeep has a route of Batangas-Capitolio-Hospital. Lavapie has also expressed her gratitude to the driver.

Here is the full post:

Thank you pooo ulit. Happy Birthdayyyy!!!


DVB 630

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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