Cristy Fermin Says Korina Sanchez Is ‘Namimili’, Here’s Why

Cristy Fermin shared this story about Korina Sanchez

Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin said that seasoned journalist Korina Sanchez is “namimili” and here is the reason why she said this.

Cristy, together with her Showbiz Now Na co-hosts Romel Chika and Morly Alinio talked about the recent interview that Korina had with fellow her fellow journalist Karen Davila. During the said interview, Korina asked Karen why people always make them fight.

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For many years now, rumors have been circulating that the two female journalists are not on good terms with each other. Cristy said that she was able to have the chance to spend time with Korina and Karen when she was doing a show on ABS-CBN.

The veteran writer said many of their former colleagues were surprised when Korina asked the said question to Karen. “Plastic na plastic sila kay Ate Koring dun sa tanong niya kay Karen na ‘bakit ba kasi nila pinag-aaway?’” Cristy Fermin said, adding that a person asked why Korina had to ask Karen when she was the one who does not like the latter.

Cristy also shared that many people in ABS-CBN are afraid of Korina, especially the cameramen. The veteran writer said that the journalist would reprimand cameramen when she does not get the outcome that she wants. Cristy also imitated the gesture and posture that Korina had when she was interviewing Karen.

Morly commented that Cristy really imitated Korina well. The veteran writer said that it was easy for her to do that because she was able to work with Korina for a long time.

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Then, Cristy shared a story about her encounter with Korina. There was a time when Cristy arrived at ABS-CBN and the parking area that was allotted for her and had her name was occupied by Korina’s car.

“Hindi ako makaparada kasi si Korina nakaharang,” the showbiz writer said. At that time, her show Cristy Per Minute was about to start. Cristy told her driver to ask Korina if she could move her car so that they can park, however, the journalist did not want to.

With that, Cristy Fermin approached Korina Sanchez. “Sabi ko ‘Ateng, kaya nga may mga pangalan tayo dito di ba? Ayon ang pangalan mo, akin itong tinatapatan mo. Doon ka dapat,’” the showbiz writer said to the journalist.

Ay, sandali, tatapusin ko lang ‘to,” Cristy shared what Korina answered to her. With this, Cristy said that Korina is “namimili.”

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