Atty Ferdinand Topacio Reveals Wicked Personality of Bantag

Atty Ferdinand Topacio Reveals Wicked Personality of Bantag

November 8, 2022 by Sethe in Categories News

Atty Ferdinand Topacio Reveals Personal Experience Against Bantag

Atty Ferdinand Topacio shared his personal experience against suspended Bureau of Correction (BuCor) chief Gerald Bantag.

According to rumors, the well-known attorney had a negative client experience with Bantag. Herbert Colanggo, an inmate at Bilibid who consented to testify against former senator Leila de Lima, is represented by Topacio.

Bantag, however, uses his vile personality to intimidate potential witnesses for the former senator. The attorney claims that he learned Bantag was responsible for allegedly threatening the witnesses to change their testimony against De Lima.

Additionally, was claimed that Bantag attempted to have some of the witnesses against Dea who were in Camp Aguinaldo for unclear reasons returned to Bilibid. The supposed witnesses against De Lima are the same individuals who Bantag is now alleging are responsible for Percy Lapid’s death.

“Long before this whole Percy Lapid thing (in fact, even under the Duterte administration), I have alerted the authorities to that reliable info that I got that Bantag was trying to intimidate witnesses against De Lima into recanting by, among others, insisting on their transfer back to Bilibid from Camp Aguinaldo, where these witnesses are under Witness Protection,” said Topacio in his Facebook post.

“Transfer back to Bilibid from Camp Aguinaldo, when these witnesses are under Witness Protection. Now, in the wake of the Lapid Killing, Bantag is trying to turn the tables by linking some witnesses against De Lima to the Lapid ambush to discredit them,” he added.

It should be recalled that several witnesses who testified against De Lima changed their stories, including Rafael Ragos, a former OIC for BuCor. Jaybee Sebastian, a further witness against Dea, passed away in 2020. In response to Topacio’s allegations against Bantag, he has not yet responded.

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