Korina Sanchez Has Funny Reaction To Being Called ‘Tita’ KathNiel

Korina Sanchez shared this photo with KathNiel

Seasoned journalist Korina Sanchez has this funny reaction to being called “tita” by KathNiel, the tandem of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

Being a journalist and a talk show host, it is a frequent scenario for Korina to meet celebrities, especially during showbiz events. She already did quite a lot of interviews with different showbiz personalities.

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In a recent event, Korina was able to have a moment with KathNiel, as well as with Piolo Pascual, David Chua, and Alora Sasam. The journalist shared photos of them together in her recent Instagram post.

Korina Sanchez also shared a glimpse of the conversation that happened between them. “Be among the stars naman, pag may time!” she wrote in the caption of her post. The journalist also said that it feels like being in the clouds surrounded by constellations.

In Isla Amara and then in Lime in El Nido I found myself amongst royal celebritydom,” she shared. Korina was talking about the joint venture resorts of Kathryn and Piolo. Then, the journalist shared what Kathryn and Daniel said to her.

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Kathryn Bernardo: “Hi Tita! Wow why are you so fit?”

Daniel Padilla: “Hi Tita! You know, this is probably the most random place Id expect to bump into you.”

Alora said to Korina, “Madaaaaame, cheers!” while David said, “Ate, sigurado ka okay ka lang?” The journalist said to Piolo that she is not a newbie when it comes to attending events like that but she will never get used to being called “tita.”

That’s your badge of honor, K,” the A-list actor said to the journalist. Korina said that she is thankful that Papa P, Piolo’s nickname in showbiz, did not call her “tita” or aunt. “At salamat David hanggang Ate lang akoh. Cheers Alora and KathNiel, you will always be two of my fave people ever,” she added.

Instagram followers of Korina Sanchez were obviously delighted that she shared the story of how she spent time with the KathNiel tandem and other celebrities as well.

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