Ken Chan Reacts Claims He’s Angry with Rita Daniela’s Pregnancy

Ken Chan Reacts Claims He’s Angry with Rita Daniela’s Pregnancy

November 5, 2022 by Sethe in Categories Entertainment

Ken Chan Clarifies Claims He Get Angry with Rita Daniela When She Got Pregnant

Kapuso actor Ken Chan clarified the claims that he allegedly get angry with Rita Daniela when she got pregnant.

Ken Chan and Rita Daniela have become a highly well-known love team with programs like “My Special Tatay” and “One of the Baes” among their well-liked collaborations. But Rita made a pregnancy announcement in June.

Internet users are still perplexed as to whether he became upset when the actress became pregnant. The actor revealed the conflict between him and his former on-screen co-star Rita Daniela on the podcast “Updated with Nelson Canlas.”

“Noong nagdalang tao po siya, akala nila magkagalit kami, na nagalit ako sa kaniya dahil nasayang love team namin, na nagalit siya sa akin kasi hindi ko daw maintindihan ‘yung mga issue,” he said.

“You know, hindi totoo ang lahat ng ‘yun e, hindi totoo na galit kami sa isa’t isa, hindi,” he added.

He is claimed to have encouraged Rita to start a family because having children has long been the actress’s ambition. He disclosed that Rita frequently expressed her desire for a son while carrying Baby Angelo while they were performing the “My Special Tatay” routine.

“We support each other. And alam ko na pangarap ni Rita, no’ng ginagawa pa lang namin ang ‘My Special Tatay,’ every time na karga niya si Baby Angelo lagi niya sinasabi, ‘Gusto ko na magkaroon ng baby boy, gusto ko na magkaroon ng anak,” he said.

” Alam kong pangarap niyang magkaroon ng anak at itong nangyari sa kaniya na binigay sa kaniya ni Lord, ‘yong blessing na hinihintay niya na magkaroon ng baby. Napakasaya ni Rita and I’m so proud of her. I’m so happy for her dahil alam ko na natupad yung isa sa mga pangarap niya ang magkaroon ng baby boy,” he added.

Furthermore, he made it clear that there was no animosity between them. Following Rita’s pregnancy news, Ken expressed his support for his leading lady on Instagram.

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