A rooted initiative for Sierra Madre: Sourcefit’s continuous fight for a greener future

“Salamat, Sierra Madre!” was the battle cry of Sourcefit’s certified earth advocates and volunteers of Haribon Foundation’s Forests for Life Movement on the 1st of October 2022 before trekking Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal.

Recently, the Philippines was hit by multiple typhoons, like Karding and Paeng, wherein weather reports showed the Sierra Madre mountain range visibly protecting the country from the force of the storm. An uproar of applause and appreciation for the Sierra Madre mountain range followed on social media. Volunteers flooded in support of maintaining its beauty and strength.

One of the top companies helping Haribon restore the Sierra Madre Mountain Range is Sourcefit, a business process outsourcing company in the country that has been fortifying its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts since the beginning of the year. Sourcefit started with their initiative in creating a Carbon Footprint Quiz on their website – through a quick 5 minutes of your time, you can learn about your carbon footprint score and be aware of its effects on the environment as the quiz is made for the Filipino lifestyle.


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“The inception of lowering our carbon footprint created different projects with one goal, to create meaningful campaigns for the community that is both experiential and fun for our 1,300 Sourcefit employees”, Keiji Makita, Sourcefit Director.

“Early this year, Sourcefit found that the organization had an average aggregated carbon footprint score. Since then, the organization has been striving to do our part in being better Earth Advocates and to take bigger steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle” as added by Katrina Papa-Rodriguez, Sourcefit’s Content Marketing Manager.

Trees play a major role in fighting carbon emissions. Preserving our forests is proven to be one of the most effective and personally beneficial way for bettering the environment.  planting more trees for the future generation, we become more resilient in fighting climate change and greenhouse gasses. Haribon encouraged its partners to join the Forests for Life Movement through its Adopt-a-Seedling Program, a reforestation effort using native tree species while also providing livelihoods to communities that are dependent on the forests. The holistic approach of the program ensures the safety and growth of the seedlings through three years of active monitoring and working with community partners. planting the seedlings in a protected area, the trees that grow in the restoration site are safe from illegal logging and will be part of the forest in perpetuity.

This inspired Sourcefit to create a campaign called the Soilmate Project to foster environmental responsibility and inspire employees by allowing them to dedicate messages for their loved ones or someone special through the seedlings that will be planted. A total of 210 Sourcefit employees pledged their support – rooted with love, hope, and a brighter outlook for the future.

In partnership with Haribon Foundation’s Forests for Life Movement, earth advocates came together with a mission to plant 1,250 native tree seedlings. A total of 51 volunteers from corporate partners, MSMEs, and Sourcefit employees – spearheaded by their chief executive officer (CEO) Andy Shachtel – hiked to the peak of Mt. Batolusong to help restore Sierra Madre.

The partnership between Sourcefit and Haribon proved to be a fulfilling activity for all knowing the beneficial effects of this initiative. Further stepping into their vocation of helping the planet and building a sustainable community within the company in hopes to spread awareness on the pressing matter of climate change and global warming in our society. 

One of the FitCrew (Sourcefit employees), even had their first ever experience of trekking a mountain and can testify that the heat, slippery trails, and a dip in the river are worth it knowing that they are helping preserve nature by planting more trees and keeping the next generations’ future secured.

Giving back to the community is not just helping families in need but also contributing ways to preserve our environment for years to come. With this tree planting initiative, Sourcefit was able to join the fight in making the hope for a healthier and greener future a reality. 

“This kind of spirit may be under-appreciated but this is the core of what the company is. Even if we are just a small group today, once we share this event with our community, they can see what kind of company we are, and even if they don’t participate themselves, it goes a long way.” said Andy Schactel, Sourcefit’s CEO, as he addressed his employees and management committee who dedicated their time to participate in the activity.

To carry on being a source of sustainable solutions that’s fit for the future, Sourcefit maps out its corporate social responsibility events for the fourth quarter (Q4) of the year with no plans of halting.


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