Nigerian ‘Love Scammer, Filipina Arrested for Scamming in Cavite

Nigerian ‘Love Scammer, Filipina Arrested for Scamming in Cavite

November 4, 2022 by Sethe in Categories News

Police Authorities arrested a Nigerian ‘love scammer’ along with a Filipina accomplice for scamming a foreign national in Cavite.

In Bacoor, Cavite, a Nigerian man, and his Pinay partner were detained for allegedly engaging in a “love fraud.” The operation was launched in Nigeria after one of its victims complained that they had stolen two million pesos.

Ikenna Onouha, a Nigerian national, age 37, and Jacel Ann Paderan, age 28, were detained in an operation, according to a statement released on Thursday by Lt. Michael Bernardo, team head of the Quezon City District Anti Cybercrime Team. The Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 230 has issued arrest orders for the suspects for swindling/estafa, which are still pending.

The victim of Onuoha, whom he met online, filed a complaint, which gave rise to the lawsuit. According to the victim, her relationship with the suspect began in April 2020. The suspect then identified himself as “Demir Balik,” a citizen of Turkey.

The victim claimed that throughout their virtual connection, the suspect made numerous promises that she took seriously. The suspect was successful in persuading the victim to transfer him PHP2,282,000 in cash.

According to the report, the funds were sent to Paderan and a particular Cristine Mae Elizares’ bank accounts. According to the victim, Onuoha informed her that he needed money to settle a dormant account he had at a British bank.

It is claimed that the victim grew suspicious as a result of his repeated demands for cash to be utilized for different purposes. The victim got suspicious at this point and decided to contact the police.

Elizares, the third suspect, is still at large. According to the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, they are accused of swindling/estafa and abusing the use of information and communications technologies.

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