Karla Estrada Reveals This Thing In Her Car Is To Avoid ‘Init ng ulo’

Karla Estrada Reveals This Thing In Her Car Is To Avoid ‘Init ng ulo’

November 4, 2022 by Jhen Green in Categories Celebrity

Karla Estrada showed her YouTube subscribers the things inside her car

Queen Mother Karla Estrada revealed that this thing should always be in her car in order to avoid “init ng ulo.”

Karla is one of the celebrities in the Philippines who ventured into vlogging. For her recent vlog, she featured the things that can be found in her car that she often uses when she goes to work.

?: Queen Mother Salon

The actress said that she just changed the seats so that it will be more comfortable if she needs to travel for a long time. The first thing that she showed in her van is a must. Her assistants know about this. Karla admitted that despite her fats, she is still “lamigin” and so there is always a shawl or a jacket in her car.

She also showed her to-go bag in which she puts her immediate necessities like alcohol, her favorite Angel’s Breath cologne, her to-go make-up kit, the portable light for her vlogging, a small wallet because she usually does not like carrying cash, and her cellphone, as well as her throat spray and hand lotion.

Aside from her to-go bag, she also has a toiletry bag, and the bag she uses for badminton. The actress is an avid badminton player and she always has a prepared bag for her sports, including the rocket that she uses.

?: Karla’s YT Channel

With all the different bags that she has in her car, Karla said that there is something common in them. All three bags have cologne or perfume in them. “Mahilig talaga ago magpabango. Bakit kaya? Siguro noong bata ako lagi akong mabaho,” the Queen Mother joked.

The box in which she puts the staple items in her car also has perfumes. She also shared that she collects Chanel perfumes.

The last bag that Karla Estrada showed is something that is very important to her. She said that she would freak out or have “init ng ulo” if this is absent in her car. It is a bag filled with snacks.

Karla said that she always has fish crackers because it is her favorite but the items in her food bag differ from time to time. During the time she shot her vlog, she also has a jar of cookies. She also had a big jar of water.

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