Vico Sotto’s Political Party Now After Aksyon Exit? Here’s What Pasig Mayor Revealed

Vico Sotto’s Political Party Now After Aksyon Exit? Here’s What Pasig Mayor Revealed

November 3, 2022 by Sandy Ghaz in Categories News

VICO SOTTO’S POLITICAL PARTY NOW – Here is what Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto said after leaving his former political party, Aksyon Demokratiko.

Recently, it was confirmed that Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto is no longer part of Partido Aksyon Demokratiko. His resignation came after the May 2022 Elections citing “political differences” as the reason for leaving the party. Following the confirmation, many are curious about Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto’s political party now after he resigned from Aksyon Demokratiko wherein he was the executive vice president.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, in a chance interview, the Pasig Mayor revealed that he refused to join political parties after he left Aksyon. He admitted that there were invitations for him but he is “not interested”. Based on the report, the 33-year-old Mayor stressed that he is an advocate of stronger political parties and political systems in the country and he will not join any party just for his own personal gain. According to him, there is currently no existing party that are aligned with his ideology and principles.

BREAKING NEWS: Vico Sotto Confirmed To Have Resigned from Aksyon Demokratiko

VICO SOTTO – The Pasig Mayor is confirmed to have resigned from the political party Aksyon Demokratiko.

One of the mayors that instantly made a name in the political arena is Mayor Vico Sotto. A lot of Pasigueños and even those Filipinos who are not his constituents admire the way he leads Pasig City.

Mayor Sotto is currently on his second term as mayor of Pasig City. On his first mayoralty race, his victory ended the decade-long reign of the Eusebios in the city. His victory was tagged as a new face in the political arena.

Last May 2022 Elections, Mayor Sotto was re-elected following a landslide victory against his rival, then Vice Mayor Iyo Bernardo. He ran under Aksyon Demokratiko then and was vocal about distancing from the national elections.

Photo Credit: Interaksyon

However, for several months now, there are rumors and speculations surrounding the ties of Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto with Aksyon Demokratiko political party. Recently, it was confirmed that the Pasig Mayor is no longer under the said political party.

ABS-CBN News has gotten a copy of the resignation letter of Mayor Sotto which confirmed that he is indeed not anymore under Aksyon Demokratiko. Based on the report, the resignation came months after the May 2022 Elections. He cited political differences as the reasons behind his decision to leave the party.

Mayor Sotto is a former executive vice president of Aksyon. It was in 2018 when he joined the political party and he became a mayor of Pasig City in 2019 under its banner.

Based on the report, the resignation of the Mayor Sotto was “effective immediately”. Meanwhile, he clarified maintaining respect to the leadership and members of Aksyon Demokratiko. According to him, it was because of the said respect that he delayed his resignation from the political party until after May 2022 Elections.

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