Thrilling, gruesome



Thrilling, gruesome

Perci Intalan is focusing on so-called social media influencers on his latest film.

Titled “Livescream,” it follows the story of Exo, an online influencer popular for his prank videos.

One day, he wakes up in a cell, with no idea how he got there. 

At first, Exo thinks it’s just a prank set up by his girlfriend.

But things take a serious turn when a mysterious figure starts torturing him physically, sexually, mentally, streaming it live on social media.

Some believe Perci could’ve done better torturing a corrupt politician or a crooked cop.

But he explained, “Fascinated kasi ako sa kanila e, sa mga vloggers. Yung idea na mayroon silang veil of anonymity despite their seeming popularity. Parang, for me, andaming what ifs na masarap laruin for a film.”

Playing the role of Exo is award-winning actor Elijah Canlas.

Said Perci, “I personally picked him for the role because he can deliver the range of emotions needed to carry the story forward.”

This is Elijah’s first horror outing and he described it as fun but hard.

“Horror as a genre requires imagination, creativity and I enjoyed being part of that. Lalo na dito. Ang ganda ng concept. I agree with Direk Perci. Fascinating talaga ang mundo ng vlogging. Pero ang hirap. I had to be physically and mentally prepared for the role. Grabe pinagdaaanan ko dito.”

“Livescream” also stars Phoebe Walker and Kat Dovey.

It starts streaming November 9 on Vivamax Plus.

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