Pia Wurtzbach Shares How She Manages Her Anxiety & Depression

PIA WURTZBACH – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

Filipino-German model, actress, and beauty queen Pia Wurtzbach is an advocate of mental health awareness. She recently shared what she’s currently going through in her personal life on social media.

Pia decided to post it to commemorate mental awareness month. She said that she also has issues when it comes to her mental health that most people don’t know about.

Photo Source: @piawurtzbach IG

On her IG page, Pia Wurtzbach posted some pic along with the admission that not everything people see on social media is 100 percent true. “Last year, I posted my TedX speech where I talked about my mental health struggles (link in bio). I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety while I was Miss Universe and since then, it’s been a journey of learning, healing, sometimes falling off track, and then bouncing back again,” she wrote.

According to the beauty queen, she decided to post on social media about it because she knows she is not the only one experiencing these types of mental health problems.

“Nowadays, I’ve learned and adapted healthier habits that help manage my emotions, but it’s not to say it’s all smooth sailing because it never really just goes away.

“There’s no magic cure. You just learn how to get better at managing it. But even with everything I’ve learned already, with the support I have & how truly blessed I am (believe me I know this and I am so grateful for it), even with all of that…it’s still a daily struggle,” she added.

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Photo Source: @piawurtzbach IG

Pia Wurtzbach added that every morning she wakes up, she is always thankful to God, even though there are days when she feels heavy because of the troubles around her. But she said, she still chose to be positive.

“I celebrate even the little victories. Wins don’t have to come in the form of a crown, a big work opportunity or trying to run a marathon.

“Wins are those moments where I choose to get out of bed instead of staying in and consuming media all day.

“It’s when I stick to my promise of seeing a friend instead of flaking and staying home”

“Let’s keep winning everyday,” she said.

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