Passenger-Turned-Flight Attendant Recreates Photo w/ FA Who Inspired Her

A passenger-turned-flight attendant identified as Regina Gregorio recreates a photo with Zai Nucup who inspired her to reach the sky after 10 years.

A Facebook user named Regina Gregorio has shared her photo with a flight attendant named Zai Nucup she met about 10 years. The photo quickly circulates online after it was posted on social media.

The first photo shows Regina who strikes a pose with a cabin crew Zai Nucup who inspired her to reach the sky. The young happily strikes a pose in front of the camera during the flight.

10 years later, Gregorio crossed paths with Nucup again not as a passenger but as a co-cabin crew on a Cebu Pacific flight to Iloilo. Regina is glad to meet the woman who inspired her to reach her dreams.

The passenger-turned-flight attendant has also encouraged the public to never stop dreaming until it becomes their answered prayer. Regina also clarified that she just removed her face mask for picture purposes only.

Here is the full post:

“from being one of her passengers boarded in

her flight to kalipad 

Finally! Been looking forward to this moment happening ever since I got my wings in 5J. If you pray, manifest and work hard for your dream the Lord will make it happen  

The first picture shown is one of the mainly reason why I dreamt about being a Cabin Crew. It inspires me to pursue my dream and tada  after so many years who would have thought that, once again our path has crossed and we now fly together both as a Cabin Crew 

never stop dreaming until it becomes your answered prayer  

(masks removed for picture purposes only)”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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