Netizen Lambast Fast-Food Over Cockroach Found in Drinks

Netizen Lambast Fast-Food Over Cockroach Found in Drinks

October 28, 2022 by Sethe in Categories Social Media

A disappointed netizen lambasted a fast-food chain after she accidentally ate a cockroach that was included in her ice cream.

Numerous consumers have complained about various fast-food outlets over the past few years after discovering filthy items in their meals. The majority of these instances were unintentional accidents.

Abigail Samson, a disgruntled internet user, revealed what she discovered in McDonald’s ice cream in a Facebook post. She claims that she drank the Mcfloat she had ordered from the counter in a hurry.

According to her, she assumed it was all chocolate when she reported feeling odd in her mouth. She spits it out, only to discover that it had been a cockroach.

She promptly entered the bathroom to throw up all the food she had just eaten, based on her post. The manager was informed, but he refused to believe her and claimed that there were not any bugs there in the first place.

She additionally disclosed that a service team had visited their table to clean up the trash. Fortunately, she took some pictures of it and posted them on Facebook.

She forewarned other online users about the horrible ingredients in their cuisine. Her post has received numerous comments from the internet community while going popular on social media.

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