Bianca Gonzalez Slams Basher Chastising Views on Her Vlogs

Bianca Gonzalez Slams Basher Chastising Views on Her Vlogs

October 28, 2022 by Sethe in Categories Entertainment

TV host Bianca Gonzalez slammed a basher for allegedly criticizing the views of her vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Bianca Gonzalez responded to a netizen on the internet who disparaged her YouTube channel for allegedly receiving few views. Her vlog, according to the critic, has no viewers.

“Walang views ang mga vlog nya,” said basher in the comment section of her video.

The well-known broadcaster claimed that, rather than establishing a business out of it, she started her YouTube channel to connect with and assist people. Bianca considers her vlog to be a success if it can even help and inspire only one to twenty people.

Similarly, Bianca clarified that she does not gauge her value based on how many views, subscribers, and responses she receives from online users. She claims that she writes stuff in order to assist and reach out to others.

“Let me get one thing clear: iba-iba ng rason ang tao to create content on YouTube. “Some create content on YouTube as a full-time career, some as a creative outlet, some as a form of self-expression, and some, like me, create content to reach out to others and help… “From the start, ang #PaanoBaTo ay para makatulong sa problema’t pinagdadaanan ng tao, to know they are not alone and to know that they will get through it, by sharing stories that inspire and empower…” she said.

“Ngayon. Kung sa 2,300 na nanood ng video, may 1 o 5 o 10, o kahit 20 na gumaan ang bigat na nararamdaman, nabigyan ng idea on how to handle their problem, o na-inspire makagawa ng solusyon sa pinagdadaanan nila, THAT to me is success… “I don’t measure my worth as a person with the number of views, subscribers, likes or comments I get,” Bianca tweeted.

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