To infinity



To infinity

Quest, the award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, is back.

He has teamed up with the equally talented John Roa for “Infinity,” a song about the enduring power of love.

Quest said, “In a society that waters down love and treats it as disposable, I want to be able to empower people to find the love that is worth fighting for, a love that will last forever.”

John added, “We wanted to write a song about how love can more than be just a feeling that we have for the ones we love. It’s more about the sacrifices and the lengths that we are willing to do for love.And of course to also remind people of most important love of all,the love of our saviour that sacrificed his life for for us who he loves so much, a love that is immeasurable and endless.”

The two have long been planning to work together.

When they finally met to write “Infinity,” everything just fell into place.

Quest said, “It was very organic. We were just chilling at John’s place and then came the beat. It was so inspiring we finished the whole song in 3 days.”

Recording it was a breeze as well.

John said, “We just fed off each other’s creative ideas and melody structures so it was just really a fun and free-flowing process. We finished the recording in one session.”

They relate to “Infinity” on a personal level.

John shared, “For me, ‘Infinity’ represents my love for my soon-to-be wife that I chose and will continue to choose loving for the rest of my days. Yes, life may have an end point, but being true and loyal to the person that God placed in your life is also a sign of an infinite love.”

For Quest, “It represents so much of who we are as humans longing for a love that will last forever. As artists it represents the quality of music that we make. We always aim for excellence.”

As to their key takeaways creating the track, Quest said, “Finding the right collaboration can make your music-making process more efficient and effective. The entire process is memorable. Seeing John evolve as a producer and a songwriter. it’s such a treat for me to be able to work with him. His excitement and courage to create inspires me.”

“I just think that me and Kuya Jose had grown and learned so much over the past few years,” John elaborated. “I also appreciated the fact that in life everything has its purpose and right time. Just like this song. It wasn’t meant to happen before because it was prepared for this season–when both of us are in a place where we can say that our love for our craft and the message that we want to send to the world is something I know we will

continue doing for the rest of our lives.”

Joining in on the fun is Thyro Alfaro, who mixed and mastered “Infinity.”

“Infinity” follows Quest’s recently released “Permanente” EP and John Roa’s remix project with Jarlo Bâse’s “Kalapati.”

“Infinity” is now available on all digital music platforms.

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