Dimples Romana Receive Heartfelt Letter from Daughter Callie

Actress Dimples Romana Share Letter by Daughter Decade Ago

Dimples Romana share on her social media account the heartfelt letter written by her daughter Callie Ahmee decade ago.

Dimples Romana, an actress and mother, shed a tear as she read the letter her daughter Callie Ahmee sent ten years ago. Based on the report of PUSH, the actress was remembering the times before Callie was a college student on her Instagram.

“Dear Mommy, I wish you could stay with me always and I am sorry [for] the bad things I do to you, and will hurt you,” Callie wrote.

“When you truly love someone, you let them go and grow their own wings. You watch them thrive and be the best versions of themselves and you cheer them on and love them more even from afar,” Dimples wrote.

Dimples said that the parents need to fully give their trust to their children with the path that they will taker in life, parents must guide and support whatever their children decide. The report also mentioned that, as for Dimples she let her daughter Callie decide her own future and also apply it to her two other children.

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“Everyday you can only hope that they find their way back to you and rest assured that when they do, the love will not have only remained, it would’ve endured, got stronger and even deeper through time and distance,” she said.

However, Dimples disclosed that she had kept every letter her daughter has ever written to her. She said she appreciates the letters Callie wrote since her kid prefers to communicate her emotions through writing rather than speaking.

Callie is presently enrolled in the Aviation Management program at Southern Cross University in Gold Coast, Australia. In July of last year, Dimples took a flight to Australia to surprise her daughter and see her first flying lesson.

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