JOVELYN GALLENO CASE: Computer Engineer Successfully Open Victim’s FB Account

JOVELYN GALLENO CASE: Computer Engineer Successfully Open Victim’s FB Account

by Jay Nelz

August 19, 2022

Social Media

Computer Engineer Successfully Opens Jovelyn Galleno’s Facebook Account

JOVELYN GALLENO CASE – A computer engineer was able to open the Facebook account of the lady victim and revealed something.

Last week, Jovelyn Galleno becomes one of the most discussed personalities on social media after she went missing. The woman has been last spotted at Robinsons Place Puerto Princesa City, Palawan and never go home.

The criminology graduating student Galleno is working as a sales lady at Robinsons. The mall was able to release a video of the victim entering the establishment but refused to give a copy of the victim’s footage leaving the vicinity.

Palawan PNP is already coordinating with the Local Government of Puerto Princesa and the Land Transportation Office to locate the vehicle that allegedly snatched Galleno. The authorities also claimed to watch the video of Galleno leaving the mall.

However, the police officers refused to release the video and did not give further details regarding the incident.

A CCTV footage from a business establishment in Brgy. Tagburos allegedly spotted Jovelyn inside of a white multicab. The establishment is already coordinating with the Special Investigation Task Group “Jovelyn”.

Unfortunately, it was still unclear if the woman in the multicab was Jovelyn.

Recently, a computer engineer identified as Dereck Marvin was able to open Jovelyn’s account last August 6, 2022. He was able to open the missing lady’s two Facebook accounts and accessed her conversations.

The engineer checked the victim’s inbox and noticed that Jovelyn was able to ‘seen’ or read some of the messages after she went missing. The IT expert revealed that Galleno reportedly ignore messages from random guys.

Based on the video, the missing woman was able to read the message from her siblings. However, the missing woman becomes inactive starting August 6, 2022.

Watch the video for full details.

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