Extra Ordinary Foods All Over the World

Extra Ordinary Foods All Over the World

by maria

August 18, 2022


World’s Most Extra Ordinary Foods

Extra ordinary foods that maybe disgusting for some but delicious to others and these foods also has lots of health benefits that excites you to taste them.

Everyone enjoys eating and some even go so far to eat extra ordinary foods as to claim that they don’t actually eat to live, but rather live to eat. Why wouldn’t they, then? There are many mouthwatering, aromatic, delicious savories in our globe.

To satiate our carnal drive for hunger, we have our pizzas, burgers, hot-dogs, and other foods. In life, we frequently wish to try new things. We want to explore new traditions, learn new languages, and, of course, eat new foods.

Our drive to try something new can take us far. Similar to how squids are a regular food in Spain and camel meat is consumed frequently in the Middle East and some African nations, caviar is a delicacy in France.

5 Fried Tarantula

Photo Credits: Adobe Stock

Oh, nothing special, just a poisonous species of a hairy spider deep-fried to perfection. That’s correct! The Thai Zebra Tarantula, which is about the size of a human hand, is a popular delicacy in Cambodia.

These can be found anywhere in Cambodia, from street vendors to high-end restaurants. Pan-fried tarantulas with garlic and a pinch of salt It has a crispy exterior and a gooey interior. Most people eat only the legs and upper head, which are said to be extremely crispy, but the brave eat the abdomen as well.

4. Wasp Crackers

Photo Credits: SoraNews24

According to the report of ListAKA, East Asians adore insects, and with good reason. Wasp Crackers are exactly what they sound like in Japanese cuisine. Wasps are captured, boiled to death, dried, and then simply mixed into a cracker batter or dough.

Imagine a chocolate chip cookie with wasps instead of chocolate chips! Wasp crackers are extremely popular and inexpensive in Japan. These Wasp Crackers have recently created quite a stir in the global food market.

3. Century Egg

Photo Credits: Hobby Farms

Do you recall fighting for your breath whenever you passed by a science lab containing ammonia and sulfur? Consider eating it. Century eggs, also known as millennium eggs, are a Chinese dish in which eggs from quail, chicken, and duck are preserved for months in ashes and clay salt. The egg’s insides decompose to form a greenish jelly-like mixture, which is then served directly on your plate. Their flavor is extremely strong, but the dish is very popular in China.

2. Balut

Photo Credits: Mashed

Balut is a dish made with duck meat. Eating ducks is now completely normal, and people from all over the world consume duck meat. This dish, on the other hand, serves duck with a twist.

The report mentioned that, Balut is a dish popular in the Philippines that is essentially a fertilized duck egg. The eggs are served with a hole and contain a fully developed duck embryo. To get the best flavor, pierce the duck eggs and drink all of the liquid inside before breaking the shell and eating the entire developing duck baby.

Baluts are usually eaten when the egg is 17 days old, but some people wait until the duck is 21 days old and has developed a beak and feathers!

1. Durian

Photo Credits: Science

The Chinese definitely win the prize for having the most exotic foods. Durian is less painful to the eyes but more painful to the nose.

Durian is a fruit that looks delicious but has a very strong and foul odor. The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked in a variety of ways.

However, it smells so bad that those who have smelled it describe it as a combination of rotten eggs, vomit, rotting flesh, and sewers. In fact, it has such a strong odor that it has been banned in many Asian hotels and airports worldwide!

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