MA’AM CORNELIA: Teacher praised for lendingshoes to student at graduation


ILOILO CITY  —  A teacher in Pototan town, Iloilo has been earning praise from netizens for lending her black shoes to a student who only wore sandals during a July 1 graduation ceremony.

“Five stars for this teacher!! My heart melts seeing her and the graduate!” said Krissy Selorio, who snapped a trending photo that’s going viral on Facebook.

Selorio’s photo shows teacher Cornelia Castor of Pototan National Comprehensive High School exchanging footwear with a graduating girl student wearing a toga at the Pototan Astrodome.

“You deserve a medal,” Selorio added.

“Thank you for the appreciation. Happy to help,” the teacher responded to Selorio.

In an interview with One Pototan, the teacher recounted what happened during the July 1 graduation ceremony.

“What I wanted was that she wasn’t going to be ridiculed when she goes up the stage to get her diploma. We know the situation of our students and their families, especially during this pandemic.  They cannot just buy what they want,” said Castor.

The teacher added that letting students borrow her shoes was the third time during the week.  

It started the day before or last June 30 when there was a recognition program and then another instance during the July 1 graduation ceremony.

Castor also noted that her fellow teachers did similar acts, but no one was able to get photos or videos.

“It just so happens that a photo was taken,” she added.