Ariel Rivera, Sid Lucero, Beauty Gonzalez uncover the truth in ‘The Fake Life’

They always tell us to expect the unexpected. One day you’re living the life of your dreams; the next second you’re hit with something so big, so improbable, and so fake. 

Such is the premise of GMA Entertainment Group’s latest Afternoon Prime offering, “The Fake Life,” starring Ariel Rivera, Sid Lucero and Beauty Gonzalez.

Ariel is happy to return to GMA.

He says, “I love GMA, I’ve always loved GMA. I have so many friends here. I hope we have future plans. I like how the atmosphere is here in GMA–how the staff are, the people we work with,…I am very happy to be here.”

For Beauty, there is nothing but gratefulness for the trust given to her by the network.

“I feel like I’m floating in the sky,” she said. “I’m so thankful with GMA na binibigyan talaga nila ako ng magagandang story. I’m blessed kasi as an actor, gusto mo ‘yong gano’n eh. Iba-iba ang makikita ng tao sayo and I’m happy to do it. Whatever role na binigay sayo, makaka-relate sila.”

Meanwhile, Sid admits to feeling challenged as the story’s antagonist but enjoys his role nevertheless.

“‘Yung usual emotional requirement for a protagonist is very heavy and demanding,” he said. “Tapos siyempre meron din tayong certain lines na hindi natin ma-i-cross because when you do that, it kind of disturbs the idea of a protagonist. That’s why I find it more fun to play bad guys kasi wala akong walls. I can do whatever I want.”

The story begins with childhood friends, Onats (Ariel) and Cindy (Beauty). Despite being inseparable as children, Onats had to leave and fend for himself when his abusive father finally became too much to handle. He eventually found a job in a honey stall at a market and continued to pursue his studies. 

Years later, he crosses paths with Cindy again and meets her then boyfriend, Mark (Sid). Onats never liked Mark for her and proved his point when the latter left Cindy. The two friends kindled a new flame, got married, and had two children.

Much later in life, Onats and Cindy have built a good life for their new family. But the past was never truly forgotten; Mark returns and puts a strain on their perfect relationship. Secrets are brought to the surface, lies become exposed, and Onats finds himself living a fake life. 

The thrilling series also stars Tetchie Agbayani as Sonya De Guzman, the kind honey vendor who takes in Onats after running away from home; Rina Reyes as Jean Luna, Peter’s mother with a secret agenda; Faye Lorenzo as Jai, Cindy’s cousin who is very close to her; Jenny Miller as Margaux Nova, a former classmate of Onats who is now a successful doctor; Saviour Ramos as Caloy Luna, Peter’s cousin; Carlos Dala as Jonjon Villamor, Jaycie’s younger brother.

Featuring in “The Fake Life” is Sparkle’s promising star – Will Ashley as Peter Luna, Onats’ righthand man; and introducing Shanelle Agustin as Jaycie Villamor, Onats and Cindy’s daughter who is such a daddy’s girl.

“The Fake Life” features the special participation of Kapuso stars Bea Binene as young Cindy; Kristoffer Martin as young Onats; Jake Vargas as young Mark; and Candy Pangilinan as young Sonya.

The series is with the guidance of GMA Entertainment Group SVP Lilybeth G. Rasonable; VP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy; AVP for Drama Ali Nokom-Dedicatoria; Program Manager Anthony Pastorpide; Executive Producer James Ryan Manabat. 

The series is a product of GMA’s creative team – Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Head of Afternoon Prime Dode Cruz; Creative Consultant Des Garbes-Severino; Concept Creator Dode Cruz and Onay Sales-Camero; Head Writer Onay Sales-Camero;writers  Christine NovicioandLoi Argel Nova; and brainstormers Meryl Margaux Bunyi and Jai Shane Raman, Jr. 

“The Fake Life” is under the helm of Adolf Alix, Jr. 

“The Fake Life” airs weekdays beginning June 6, after “Raising Mamay” on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Viewers abroad can also catch the program via GMA Pinoy TV.