Get intimate with Janelle Tee, Denis Esteban in ‘Secrets’

Respected director and writer Jose Javier Reyes is to bring to life a dark tale of sexual perversion in his latest movie “Secrets.”

Seemingly eager to make the most of the outing, he got young, daring actors like Janelle Tee, Benz Sangalang and Denise Esteban to be part of the film.

Seasoned actor Felix Roco completes the cast.

The story follows young couple Janine (Janelle) and Christian (Benz).

Eager to sort out kinks in the relationship, the two decided to escape the city and isolate themselves in a secluded beach somewhere.

There, they were welcomed by an old couple, Rading and Elena.

Unbeknownst to them, there is another guest staying in the beach, Leo (Felix), Elena’s nephew.

Leo is there simply for a short vacation, enjoying the company of his girlfriend Felina (Denise), a waitress in one of the nearby resorts.

From the onset, Janine does not like Leo.

Her instincts tell her he is nothing but trouble.

But Leo is a satyr of sorts. He can seduce anyone for his pleasure.

Will he succeed in luring Janine to his trap?

And what about Christian? “Secrets” streams on Vivamax starting June 10.