Imee on the craziest tweets, Metropop

It’s all about random tweets and music this weekend as Senator Imee Marcos gears-up for another set of feel-good vlog entries on her official YouTube Channel. 

This Friday, May 27, Imee reads random tweets in one of the most spontaneous vlogs she ever did since she started dominating YouTube early this year.

Take a peek at her unedited reactions as she reads fan-tweets from all over the country – from the funniest to the craziest to the outright wacky. 

“I know I’m relatively late in the online field and today’s technology never fails to fascinate me,” says the hard-working Philippine Senator who now has almost 2.5M followers across such platforms as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

“It feels great to have a direct and instant access to people out there through social media. The connection is amazing as I get to read a lot of insights. I am extremely entertained and informed about a lot of things. Minus the occasional toxicity, social media could be an eye-opener in many ways.”

On May 28, Imee presents a compilation of some of her most viewed videos on TikTok about the days of Metropop –a project that she spearheaded to promote Original Pilipino Music.

The Metropop provided Filipino singers and songwriters a platform to shine during the late ‘70s, a period widely considered as the glory days of OPM.

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