A Man Of Few Words Poem From Various Writers, Some Examples

Here’s a man of few words poem and other poems of the same subject from various writers.

MAN OF FEW WORDS POEM – These are some poems about “a man of few words” which were written by various authors. Check them out below!

Poems are the flowery words of our deepest thoughts. Through words, poems can describe the deepest of our emotions and the maximum of our happiness. It reflects us. It reflects real scenarios. It reflects love. It reflects you.

Some people find comfort in turning their pain into words and this is what poems are made of – feelings, thoughts, and emotions – the artistic languages of the people. But technically speaking, there are certain elements and structures that make up a poem’s distinction and stand out from the other literary forms.

The elements that made up poetry include voice, diction, imagery, figures of speech, symbolism and allegory, syntax, sound, rhythm and meter, and structure.

Here are some reads about “a man of few words” poem as written by different writers:

A Man Of Few Words by Ottar

A doer not a talker,A finder’s keepers,not a stalker,first he is A Man,gentle in his MANnerisms,but not the knuckles orhis calloused hands.
He does not stand outin his field, he is too busyworking to increase the yield,not make best use of fifteenminutes, OF Few men canthis be said, his hat still fitshis crew cut hairy head.
when he opens his mouthto speak, his thoughts takeshape and become Words,not charged with emotion,not angered or raging,not with some rite of self-righteous indignation.He speaks his peace,and sits his ***, on thenearest thing he can find,he has a sound body anda sound mind, when shedecides and marries him shewill find, treasure. Rare.

The Wise One Is A Man Of Few Words by Francis Duggar

The wise one is a man of few words he does not belong to a Social ClubHe has a glass of wine after supper he is never at the Local PubMost who know him think that he is not wise since he has so little to sayFeel lucky they say that if from him you get a hello or good dayHe has grown wise from mixing with wise people from wise elders insights he does gainAnd he is one who is a good listener and the wisdom he has learnt he retainNone ever go to him for advice they say of life what would he knowThey do not believe he’s a wise one they say no this cannot be soBut Joe his near neighbour who knows him better than most do with their thinking on him does not agreeHe says there is more knowledge and wisdom in his mind than the combined local communityAnd yet he does not flaunt his wisdom or he does not crave local or widespread esteemHe appears ordinary and quiet spoken though more the pity that does seemPeople like him never become leaders we follow the fool leader like sheepBut like an old saying worth remembering quiet waters do always run deep.

A Man Of Few Words by Seth Morrow

I am a man of few words though the words I do carry/carry weight
And you have my word that the day I do speak will be worth the wait
And I know a man just like meWith wisdom brimming from cheek to cheek and leaking out between his teethYet not one word hit the groundAnd He taught me how powerful it is to speak softly with ardent intentionsThat in silence it’s not an abundance of words but a lack of them that captures attentionAnd with three words he ended his lessonHis crescendoHis climaxHis final proclamationItIsFinishedAnd He had my attention.

A Man Of Few Words by Amitabh Sarwate

A man of few words was heAnd sparingly he gave them awayFor he stood by them sun or rainBound to the words he would sayPopular nor famous was heHis whereabouts were like those of a birdBut when you needed him, he was thereFor he was a man of his wordIf he was your friend, he was thereWhen the world said much, but did littleFor you, he did even what others called absurdFor he was a man of his wordLife and death with equal calm he metJoy writ on his faceWhere others would have broken and shudderedSilence he was and in silence he passedFor he was a man of his word


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