Why keep a nasal spray like Vicks First Defence handy for early intervention of a common cold?

For the first signs of a cold, early intervention is key.

A common occurrence, catching a cold can happen anywhere at any time. And in this new normal, sensing the chances or risks of getting one may tend to raise uneasiness within yourself and the people surrounding you. Early intervention may be helpful to stop the first signs of a cold from becoming a full blown cold — and this can come in nasal sprays.

A nasal spray is a handy solution when initial symptoms of a common cold appear like that of a tickly nose or scratchy throat. When such discomfort arises at home, the office, while traveling, or being in close contact with someone experiencing colds, a nasal spray can be used to serve as your early intervention, thus making it worth keeping at hand anytime, anywhere.

Having understood our need for a handy comfort from common cold concerns, Vicks brings its new, clinically proven nasal spray Vicks First Defence that can help stop a cold in its tracks when used at first signs.

Being a handy nasal spray, Vicks First Defence can fit right in your bag pockets or pouches and is ready to help ease your concerns when you feel the first signs of a cold or when you’re at risk such as having someone in the household infected with a cold, or when at a crowded place like that of public transports. It is also an ideal medical device for people who keep health essentials for themselves and their families at all times.

Vicks First Defence has a microgel technology that would target and help trap the common cold viruses developing at the back of your nose. The microgel has a pH of 3.5 which helps inactivate the viruses and remove them by contributing to a nasal washout effect to flush them through the nose or down to the stomach.

Use Vicks First Defence at the early signs and exposure to common colds. Insert the nozzle into your nostril and incline the nozzle outward the direction of your ear. Do not inhale or tilt your head backward while pumping.

You can apply two to three sprays per nostril up to four times a day. Keep in mind, however, to use up to four days only if no symptoms develop. When symptoms develop, use until they subside.

Make sure to have a science-backed intervention kept within your reach to aid in defending you against developing a full-blown cold.

Vicks First Defence is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide!

You may also buy Vicks First Defence online:

Watsons Website


Watsons Lazada

, or

Watsons Shopee

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

Vicks First Defence is not a cure or treatment against COVID-19 and its symptoms.

If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
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