Nadine Lustre stays with Viva


Nadine Lustre will have to honor her contract with Viva Artists Agency (Viva) until Dec 31, 2029.

The actress and VAA finally put to rest their legal tussle, releasing their official statement on the matter, recently.

Here’s the statement in full:

“Nadine Lustre and Viva Artists Agency (Viva) have settled their legal issues under terms that are fair and mutually beneficial.

“Nadine and Viva have agreed to continue their professional relationship on an exclusive basis until 31 December 2029 with Nadine retaining her rights to decide on matters in connection with her branding and image.

“To avoid future misunderstandings, both Parties have agreed not to make any further

comment on the matter.

“For now, Nadine and Viva remain committed and focused on providing quality


It was Nadine who initiated the debacle last year, insisting on her desire to “self-manage.”

This didn’t sit well with Viva, going on to file a lawsuit against her.