Monkeys Murder Puppies After Stray Kills One Of Their Infants

Monkeys Murder Puppies After Stray Kills One Of Their Infants




December 21, 2021



Monkeys Murder Puppies After One Dog Kills Their Infant


– In a revenge-fueled rage, monkeys targeted dogs on the street.

For years, researchers have said that monkeys are among the most intelligent animals. Furthermore, highly-functional social queues were also observed. However, nobody expected the monkeys to conduct targeted revenge murder.

According to an article from News 18, the incident occurred in Majalgaon in the Beed district. Here, the


‘ lookout for puppies to grab.

Afterward, they take these puppies to the top of tall buildings or trees and throw them down. Sadly, authorities in the area reported that the monkeys killed at least 250 pups.

Meanwhile, some 10 kilometers away from the district, a similar incident transpired. In the village of Lavool, which is home to at least 5,000 residents, not a single puppy is left in the village.

Because of this, the locals contacted the forest department and urged them to catch the monkeys around the area. But, when they arrived at the scene, not a single monkey was caught.

Villagers said that the monkeys are taking revenge. According to the locals, this all started when a group of dogs killed a baby monkey. Following this, the monkeys started their killing spree.

Unfortunately, because the monkeys are still roaming the streets, villagers took it upon themselves to save the pups. But, in doing so, they have endangered themselves as monkeys started attacking them in retaliation.

As per the article, some villagers have injured themselves saving pups or even falling from buildings. Worse, now that humans intervened, some monkeys started attacking small kids.

School-going kids reported attacks. Due to this, villagers are now in a state of panic. This is still a developing story.

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