BBM Supporters Slam Duterte After Blind Item “Cocaine Candidate”

BBM Supporters Slam Duterte After Blind Item “Cocaine Candidate”




November 19, 2021



BBM Supporters Slam Duterte Following “Cocaine Candidate” Statement


– President Rodrigo Duterte recently faced harsh criticism from supporters of Bongbong Marcos.

During the past few weeks, the political events in the Philippines caused a rift between BBM and Duterte. After Sara Duterte-Carpio decided to run for VP instead of President, Duterte urged Senator Bong Go to run against BBM.

And, as expected, Duterte had some controversial statements against those who opposed him. Earlier, Duterte called both BBM and Vice President Leni Robredo pro-communists.

Following this, Duterte shocked the world as he claimed

one of the presidential candidates does cocaine

. However, the President did not drop any names.

Still, Duterte said:

“Bahala kayo kung anong gusto ninyo na tao. Inyo yan, ang akin lang, pagdating ng panahon, basta sinabi ko sa inyo, he is a very weak leader, ang character, except for the name… ang tatay… pero siya, anong ginawa niya?”

As such, netizens speculate that Duterte is talking about none other than Marcos Jr. Unfortunately for Duterte, this did not bode well for BBM supporters.

After his statements, “Solid BBM” supporters told Duterte that he was out of his mind. “Utak Talangka talaga si Duterte”, said one supporter as he spams #BBMSARA2022.

Meanwhile, others said Duterte is only doing this as BBM is winning by a landslide in the recent surveys. Some even say that Duterte is acting like a “

foolish child

“. “

What is happening to Digong?

“, netizens ask.

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