Pharmally Executives Called “Fugitives” After Skipping Senate Probe

Pharmally Executives Called “Fugitives” After Skipping Senate Probe




October 28, 2021



Gordon Called Pharmally “Executives Fugitives” After No-Show In Senate Probe


– Recently, Senator Richard Gordon called out Pharmally executives and called them “Senate Fugitives”.

The Pharmally investigation continues as the Senate digs into the alleged corruption with Pharmally’s government contract. However, since the start of the probe, executives have been adamantly dismissive of the investigation as a whole.

Executives such as Linconn Ong even wrote a letter explaining why he doesn’t want to participate in the investigations. Meanwhile, two of Pharmally’s top execs, the Dargani Siblings, outright skipped Senate hearings.

Pharmally Executives Mohit and Twinkle Dargani were already cited for contempt and were detained in the Senate. The two refused to present documents that had already been subpoenaed by the panel.

According to an article from Inquirer, Gordon said:

Again, contemptuous yung ginawa nila, habang siya ay nakasalang, si Mohit Dargani, nung sinabi namin na sila ay pako-contempt, that would have been a reason for him to say, magsasalita na po ako

Furthermore, he expressed frustration after the siblings suddenly skipped the virtual hearings.

“Umiskapo na po at naging fugitive sa Senado at hindi na sila nagpakita silang magkapatid”.

Since October 19, the siblings have yet to be taken into custody. Both skipped the latest hearing on Thursday. Last Friday, Mohit made a statement saying that the blue ribbon panel treated Pharmally officials like “criminals whose lives aren’t worthy of living anymore”.

Mohit also stated that they tried their best to cooperate with the investigation. However, due to their failure to cooperate, Gordon continued to cite witnesses in contempt.

Attending a Senate hearing can be easy and it can be hard. It is hardest when witnesses do not cooperate and do not give or share information necessary to our faithful performance of our tasks

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