Aubrey Miles gives tips on how to care for the rarest of plants

Actress and certified plantita Aubrey Miles takes care of her plants like a mom would her child.

Miles, who owns a rare plant called spiritus sancti, shared how she handles the worries and pressures of taking good care of a one-of-a-kind plant, as per her Instagram page yesterday, Oct. 25 where she showed the said plant.

“Just how exciting and a bit scary is it to have one of the most expensive and rarest plant you can find in the plant world. This is my spiritus sancti from @arid_aroids . It’s been with me for almost a year now. I’m just so proud to have this in my collection,” she said.

Miles revealed that it took nearly two to three months for the plant to adjust to its current setting.

“It didn’t like being inside at first so it stayed in my greenhouse in the backyard for [one to two] months. Now [it’s] inside my house and it’s thriving. I repotted it [two] months and I noticed it’s getting bigger and longer,” she added.

Miles then suggested nine ways on how to handle the many pressures of taking care of rare plants.

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She believes it’s one’s responsibility to research about the plant and commit to it, but she also discourages overthinking. Give only the proper care needed, she said, and never experiment on the rare plant right away. She thinks it is best to try to “surround the plant with the same family” and to treat it equally with other plants, despite its expensiveness.

“Always remember to get a rare plant that can thrive in your home. You don’t need to get all the rare plants. We can’t have it all,” Miles added.

Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/@milesaubrey

It can also help to take lots of pictures, she said, and of course, to be patient and to never stop learning.

Last June, Miles bought an obliqua for a whopping P250,000. She bought a variegated billietiae last year, for P300,000.



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