Cristine Reyes Shares “Trauma” Experienced from Biological Mother

Cristine Reyes Shares “Trauma” Experienced from Biological Mother




October 22, 2021



Cristine Reyes Shares Traumatic Experience with Her Biological Mother

CRISTINE REYES – Actress has shared her traumatic experience with her biological mother while she was staying in her custody.

Cristine Reyes, the star claimed in an interview with Liza Florida’s ‘Eight Billion Project’ podcast that she harbored animosity and anguish towards her real mother as a result of what she went through in her custody as a child. Cristine revealed that she learned she was an “adopted child” when she was six years old.

‘Daddy Metring,’ her foster father, supposedly made her feel loved by her parents. She even recalls his wife, Mommy Shirley, telling her that she was not their biological child.

She said that her biological mother had arrived at her foster parents’ house to pick her up. Cristine claimed she cried and begged her Daddy Metring not to give her up while being dragged.



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She remembers telling her to forget about his biological parents as she allegedly got into the car of his biological mother. Cristine is claimed to be deafeningly quiet because she is unfamiliar with the woman.

Despite the size of the house, Cristine’s desire to live with the family she grew up with won out. She stated that she did not feel at home in her birth mother’s home.

Cristine believes, however, that her birth mother’s heart is still good when she decides to take her from the foster family. Cristine apparently began to believe that her mother was enraged with her as time passed. She claimed she overheard several remarks from parents that no child would want to hear.

“You never should have been born. You’re just something else. Your grip was there. I aborted you so many times. You should have died,” statements that Cristine could not fully comprehend how her mother was able to tell her.

“It was so painful. I grew up hearing that all the time. I came from a very loving family, a happy environment. And then all of a sudden, my life changed. What is this? I had to survive. I was always in survival mode at 6. That’s when it started I always wanted to be alone. Because when I’m alone, I’m safe,” she added.

So she allegedly moved out of the house when she was 21, but it caused her trauma. Even though she now has a child, she can’t help but be terrified when she recalls her youth.

She wants to break the ‘curse’ of her past now that she is 32 and a strong independent woman. She also stated that she did not want her son to go through what she did when she was younger.

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