EBC’s NET25 launches newest program “Ano sa Palagay N’yo? A.S.P.N.” with Ali Sotto, Pat Daza

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s NET25 launches its newest news and commentary program “Ano Sa Palagay N’yo? A.S.P.N.” on October 18, 2021 at 8 a.m. The program hosted by noted broadcast personalities Ali Sotto and Pat Daza airs every Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m..

(Eagle News) — Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’s TV portal NET25 launches its newest program, “A.S.P.N.” or “Ano sa Palagay N’yo?” on Monday, Oct. 18, with noted broadcast personalities Ali Sotto and Pat Daza.

“A.S.P.N.” airs from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. on NET 25, and will also be heard on EBC’s AM and FM radio stations — DZEC Radyo Agila 1062 and Eagle FM 95.5.

The two powerhouse hosts, known news commentators in the field, are excited about the show and hope that through “A.S.P.N.” they can help inform people about the latest issues, and at the same time be a venue to know what the Filipino public is thinking.

“That is what will also be the centerpoint of A.S.P.N. that is why it is called “

Ano sa Palagay N’yo

?” host Ali Sotto explains.

“We will respect every point of view. We respect the audience so much that we want their feedback on the issue,” she said in a recent interview when she and co-host Pat Daza visited EBC’s Eagle FM 95.5 studio.

Daza, for her part, said they both want to “educate the people” by giving them the correct information especially in this era where fake news abounds.

“We don’t aim to please. We want to inform people, more than anything.

Pareho kaming galing sa

commentary program,” she said of fellow anchor Sotto.

“It’s not a lifestyle program, it’s a commentary and we want to educate people,” Daza says of A.S.P.N.

“As I said, knowledge is power and because of the proliferation of fake news, we want to set the record straight.

Tapos, mag-eeleksyon pa next year. So dapat talaga alam natin ang issues na hinaharap ng bawat Pilipino

,” she said.

The show with these two powerhouse female broadcasters is part of NET25’s strengthening of programs and shows that aim to inform the public.

Sotto says they want to present all sides of an issue and to get the public’s pulse on matters that affect them. She notes that people are now highly polarized, with opinions sometimes formed without even knowing all the angles regarding important issues.

Ipi-presenta namin sa inyo ang bawat panig ng bawat issue. Yung iba kasi, meron nang stand e, meron nang opinyon nang hindi mo pa nakalap lahat ng anggulo,

” she explained.

Sotto hopes that this latest show would help bring about more understanding to polarizing issues.

Sabi ko nga, sana ito ang magiging hulma, ang maging molde ng programang ito. Dahil nga masyado na nga tayong polarized. Yung mga mamamayan, hati-hati, away-away,

” she said.

Sana ang maparamdam namin na first and foremost tayo ay Pilipino

,” she said.

Daza agrees. She said that they aim to put up a substantive show that could help create an informed citizenry.

Sana kami ni Ali makabigay ng tulong para mas maintindigan, mas madagdagan ang kaalaman ng bawat Pilipino

,” she said.

“Talagang ginagawa namin ang lahat para mabigyan ang manonood ng maganda at masustansyang programa

,” Daza says.

“Hindi lang palamuti, kundi may sustansya.

More than anything, it has to be substantive.”

So watch NET25’s “Ano Sa Palagay Nyo?” which starts Monday, Oct. 18, at 8 a.m. and also tune in to Radyo Agila 1062 and Eagle FM 95.5 as A.S.P.N. will also be heard live in these AM and FM radio stations of EBC at the same time.

You can also watch the program online through the following NET25 social media links:

on NET25 Youtube, and on NET25 Facebook page (click for the advance link:


“Ano sa Palagay Nyo?” follows NET25’s morning show “Kada Umaga” which is hosted by Pia Guanio, Emma Tiglao, Maureen Schrijvers, Tonipet Gaba and Wej Cudiamat, also airing Mondays to Fridays from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

After “A.S.P.N” are more radio-TV programs of EBC “Ito ang Tahanan” and “Let’s Get Ready to TV-Radyo.”

(Eagle News Service)