Lady Netizen Saves P154k After 10 Months of Alkansiya Ipon Challenge

Lady Netizen Makes Alkansiya Ipon Challenge and Saves P154k Within10 Months

A lady netizen was able to save P154, 000 after 10 months of sacrifice just to complete her alkansiya

ipon challenge


A Facebook user named Chi Kai has shared the photos of her


for 10 months, which is quite a big amount for a short period of time. The post goes viral and earned praises from the online community.

The female netizen that she was able to save her money through her different businesses such as ukay-ukay, selling topgrade bags, beauty products and other items. She is saving her hard-earned cash for emergency purposes.

Chi Kai has posted her savings not to brag it but to inspire her fellow Filipino people who were struggling to survive during this time of coronavirus pandemic. She also encouraged her countrymen to work hard.

The entrepreneur is also thanked her partner for influencing her to save money. She started to put money on her piggy bank every single day. She did not expect to fill her “Alkansiya” with paper bills.

The piggy bank contains a lot of folded P1, 000 bills. After 10 months of saving their hard-earned money, the couple decided to open it and got surprised after it reached P100, 000.

Here is the full post:

Get a partner nga kugihan ug khbaw mu tigum ug kwrta mapabank account mn ug alkansiya.


KATAS NANG UKAY2, TOPGRADE BAGS, BEAUTYPRODUCTS ug bsag unsa pa nakung baligya. Yay!

First of all, I am not doing this to brag but to inspire all of you nga bsag unsa kalisud sa kinabuhi basta kugihan ka maningkamot, khbaw mutabang sa isig ka taw and ofcourse, dakung pgsalig sa Ginoo, way imposible nga mahitabo ni nmu.

Good thing pd ky naa kuy partner nga grabe mu influence naku to save money and without her too, I cant make this things possible.

Btaw, for everyweek nga halin naku sa ukay2 ug etc, ga gahin ku pra sud sakung alkansiya. And I never thought nga ngun ani na diay kadak.a ang sud sakung gamyng alkansiya. Giablihan ky napuno naman. Hehe!

Thank you G sa tnan2 bsag dghan kaayo ngdown ug ngjudge sa akua, gi blessed na nuon ku nmug maayo. I love you alwaaaays!


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