In their relationship, Bernadette Sembrano admits husband uses more EQ than her

When it comes to her married life, news anchor and TV host Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo admits that her husband Emilio “Orange” Aguinaldo IV applies more emotional quotient in their relationship than her.

Sembrano made the admission on her Instagram page today, Oct. 14, where she posted a quote card which stated: “Bawal ang

fried chicken

sa mag-asawa.”

“Give and take daw ang pag-aasawa. Ako give ng give, siya take ng take ! — Matagal [nang] joke ito,” Sembrano said. (“Marriage involves give and take. I always give, he always takes.” – This has been a longtime joke.)

“How do marriages work? Some are made in heaven but majority are [works] in progress (and I heard the adjustment never stops),” she added.

This is when she shared that in her marriage, it is her husband who exhibits more EQ as he would remind her that there should be no room for pride, and asks her to trust him because he will not lead her to harm.

Bernadetter Sembrano. Image: Instagram/@bsaguinaldo

“May you be gifted with people whom you can absolutely trust with you life — not to patronize you but to keep you in check and help you become a better person — a better human being,” she told fans.

For Sembrano, a “good spouse is a reflection of God’s love for his church.”

“A bad one — ummm… a terrrible marriage will certainly bring you closer to GOD. Mapapadasal ka talaga (You will really need to pray),” she quipped. She then summarized the essential values that couples need to have such as letting go of pride, listening and keeping the faith.

Sembrano is also set to discuss the married life with Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez and her husband, singer-composer Ogie Alcasid in her “B Happy!” vlog, via Kumu and YouTube.



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